What Does Cocaine Smell Like

What Does Cocaine Smell Like

What Does Cocaine Smell Like – Cocaine For Sale.

What Does Cocaine Smell Like.

Most people believe that cocaine always comes in the form of a white, powdery substance with no observable odor. However, this is a common misconception about the drug. What Does Cocaine Smell Like Cocaine is a very versatile substance that can come in many colors while having a pungent smell and taste. Knowing how to identify cocaine by look, smell, and taste can help you know whether or not a loved one is abusing this dangerous and addictive drug. What Does Cocaine Smell Like

Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant drug that is often glamorized in movies and pop culture as a “rich man’s drug.” While cocaine is more expensive than many other substances, like heroin, meth, or crack cocaine, it is still extremely dangerous and addictive

It is made from the coca plant – a plant that is native to South America. Solvents and acids are mixed with the plant to extract cocaine hydrochloride from its leaves.  After extracted from the plant, manufactured, and dried into crystals, powdered cocaine is formed. Cocaine usually looks like a fine, white powder, which is where the drug gets many of its street names. What Does Cocaine Smell Like

What Does Cocaine Look Like.

Cocaine can be snorted, smoked, or injected. After entering the system, cocaine increases levels of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a messenger chemical in the body that regulates pleasure and emotion. A buildup of dopamine leads to increased energy, alertness, and confidence. The brain is not meant to have high levels of dopamine like this for very long, so continued cocaine use severely alters brain function and ultimately leads to addiction. What Does Cocaine Smell Like

Since cocaine is highly addictive and dangerous, it is important to be able to identify cocaine by look, smell, and taste so you can intervene if a loved one is using the drug. What Does Cocaine Smell Like

It can be difficult to identify cocaine solely by the way it looks. Before cocaine is broken down into a fine powder, it may come in rock form. Whether the drug is in the form of a rock or a powder, the color of cocaine usually ranges anywhere from pure white to off-white. It may even have a shiny or pearly appearance. However, sometimes, cocaine can be light pink or beige in color.

Many street dealers add cheap cutting agents to their cocaine supply to boost their profits or make their supply seem more potent than it really is. Additives such as talcum powder, baby laxatives, and fentanyl may make cocaine look more bright white. Other cutting agents, such as procaine, vitamins, or powdered caffeine can give cocaine more of an off-white or beige color.

What Does Cocaine Smell Like.

Pure coca leaves have a pleasant, floral odor before they are processed. Cocaine has a mostly pungent odor because of the ether and kerosene used in processing. Although crack cocaine has a similar odor, when it is smoked it gives off a strong scent of burnt plastic.

Drug canines are trained to detect the odor of methyl benzoate when searching for cocaine. Methyl benzoate has a fruity, flowery odor similar to that of coca leaves. Even though cocaine contains many strong chemicals, studies show this odor profile provides the most accurate drug detections. What Does Cocaine Smell Like

How Is Cocaine Made?.

Cocaine is derived from the coca plants of South America. The drug is processed by extracting a paste from coca leaves and processed into cocaine sulfate. This paste is further processed to produce cocaine hydrochloride, which is more commonly known as powder cocaine.

Crack and freebase cocaine are manufactured by removing the hydrochloride element. Cocaine hydrochloride cannot be smoked because of its high tolerance to heat. Crack cocaine became popular in the 1980s because it is more profitable and has a stronger high than snorting powder cocaine. What Does Cocaine Smell Like

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