02/06/2022 – UPDATE – We managed to partner with the people from the Cartel to source and offer you highest quality off-the-brick cocaine at a bargain price. We are probably the only shop who offers this kind of service online. The main idea behind this is to offer easier solution for people who are interested in entering the world of drug trade without interacting with scumbags on the streets. To place an order please visit our shop page. This page has now been updated and we are ready to take wholesale orders for cocaine, Worldwide, for now until further notice.

Currently we are accepting wholesalers from customers worldwide . Minimum order amount for wholesale  is 56g.

Why us?

The most trusted and reliable online bulk cocaine seller in the world.

Thousands of sales across darknet markets over the years.

Consistency 90%+ purity.

All shipments straight off the brick. No cutting agents, no bullshit.

We utilize the best packaging equipment available for the highest level of stealth and security.

Buyers Guide

No price or policy negotiations

No free samples. You can always check out our shop and buy the minimum gram of cocaine just to test it

No orders under 56g. Again, check Shop for smaller quantities

The shipment (and cancelation) cut-off time is 10AM EST

For security reasons tracking information will be provided only after 24 hours have passed since the package has been posted. We offer USPS, DHL , UPS EXPRESS SHIPPING on all orders.

Refund Policy

While we guarantee reships in order to minimize fraud and scams, in the extremely unlikely scenario your order is not received on time, contact us and we will check the tracking for you and provide you with all information.

Powder or Rocks?

Mostly rocks. With this new batch, all orders are rocks. Even the smallest one like 3.5g (if you’re interested, check out our Shop page).

Shipping Guide

Shipping time estimates:

USPS, UPS, DHL  priority mail – 2-5 days Worldwide Max

Be sure to use your cleanly written address on all orders:

  • Name
  • Address, City, State, Zip

Price Guide For All Wholesale Orders.

56g – $2650 Purity 90% to 98% Uncut

112g – $4840 Purity 90% to 98% Uncut

224g – $9100 Purity 90% to 98% Uncut

500g – $18050 Purity 90% to 98% Uncut

1kg – (Currently available, Contact Us)


Wickr ID: Cokaplug
Call/ Text: +1 323 205 5161
Telegram US: +1 323 205 5161 

email: [email protected] (if you send us any message with gmail, yahoo or hotmail we will just ignore, use protonmail)


We are currently at 8 batch. It’s off-the-brick cocaine, totally untouched by us or the Cartel side. It may be touched by someone in the production level, but totally untouched on our side. It’s Colombian origin tested at 95% to 98% purity. You can cut this probably 40/60 without any problem and still sell it.